Who we are
Since our launch in 2010, it has been Philistine Press's mission to make some amazing writers' work available to as wide an audience as possible.  To date, we've received over 800,000 hits / downloads.  Not bad for an indie publisher with no marketing budget!  
The only money we make is through voluntary donations.  All our authors’ work is available to read, download or listen to for free.  

What we publish
We’re here to publish material that wouldn’t ordinarily be available through mainstream presses.  There are many adjectives we could use to describe ourselves – original, experimental, uncompromising – but the best way to understand Philistine Press is to read our work.  
Philistine Press is the creation of the author, Frank Burton.  To find out more about Frank and his work, visit  
Read an interview with Frank on the origins and ethos of Philistine Press here.
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